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Sleeps up to 28

Upon entering this gated estate, you’ll instantly feel a sense of calm as you arrive in paradise.  The incredible chef’s kitchen, large living and dining room, and disappearing pocket doors leading out to the backyard and pool area are just a few of the luxurious highlights.

Loa 1Loa 1
Loa 2Loa 2
Loa 3Loa 3
Loa 4Loa 4
Loa 5Loa 5
Loa 6Loa 6
Loa 7Loa 7
Loa 8Loa 8
Loa 9Loa 9
Loa 10Loa 10
Loa 11Loa 11
Loa 12Loa 12
Loa 13Loa 13
Loa 14Loa 14
Loa 15Loa 15
Loa 16Loa 16
Loa 17Loa 17
Loa 18Loa 18
Loa 19Loa 19
Loa 20Loa 20
Loa 21Loa 21
Loa 22Loa 22
Loa 23Loa 23
Loa 24Loa 24
Loa 25Loa 25
Loa 26Loa 26
Loa 27Loa 27
Loa 28Loa 28
Lei 1Lei 1
Lei 2Lei 2
Lei 3Lei 3
Lei 4Lei 4
Lei 5Lei 5
Lei 6Lei 6
Lei 7Lei 7
Lei 8Lei 8
Lei 9Lei 9
Lei 10Lei 10
Lei 11Lei 11
Lei 12Lei 12
Lei 13Lei 13
Lei 14Lei 14
Lei 15Lei 15
Lei 16Lei 16


Sleeps up to 12

No expense was spared in this beautiful 1800 square foot gated and private home. Upon entering the front door, you’ll instantly feel the cozy beach vibe in the chef’s kitchen with quartz countertops and adjacent living room. With flat-screen TVs, bunk beds, and central air & wifi, this home is perfect for your family.


Sleeps up to 32

Your own private mansion on the water. Currently the largest vacation rental in Hawaii in terms of both square footage and sleeping arrangements, this newly-reconstructed home boasts a fitness center, media room, bunkbed room, and spacious outdoor gathering areas. 

Koa 1Koa 1
Koa 2Koa 2
Koa 3Koa 3
Koa 4Koa 4
Koa 5Koa 5
Koa 6Koa 6
Koa 7Koa 7
Koa 8Koa 8
Koa 9Koa 9
Koa 10Koa 10
Koa 11Koa 11
Koa 12Koa 12
Koa 13Koa 13
Koa 14Koa 14
Koa 15Koa 15
Koa 16Koa 16
Koa 17Koa 17
Koa 18Koa 18
Koa 19Koa 19
Koa 20Koa 20
Koa 21Koa 21
Koa 22Koa 22
Koa 23Koa 23
Koa 24Koa 24
Koa 25Koa 25
Koa 26Koa 26
Koa 27Koa 27
Koa 28Koa 28
Koa 29Koa 29
Koa 30Koa 30
Koa 30Koa 30
Koa 32Koa 32
Koa 33Koa 33
Koa 34Koa 34
Koa 35Koa 35
Koa 36Koa 36
Koa 37Koa 37
Koa 38Koa 38
Koa 39Koa 39
Koa 40Koa 40
Hui 1Hui 1
Hui 2Hui 2
Hui 3Hui 3
Hui 4Hui 4
Hui 5Hui 5
Hui 6Hui 6
Hui 7Hui 7
Hui 8Hui 8
Hui 9Hui 9
Hui 10Hui 10
Hui 11Hui 11
Hui 12Hui 12
Hui 13Hui 13
Hui 14Hui 14
Hui 15Hui 15
Hui 16Hui 16
Hui 17Hui 17
Hui 18Hui 18
Hui 19Hui 19
Hui 20Hui 20
Hui 21Hui 21
Hui 22Hui 22
Hui 23Hui 23
Hui 24Hui 24
Hui 25Hui 25
Hui 26Hui 26
Hui 27Hui 27
Hui 28Hui 28


Sleeps up to 22

As the guests of this property, you will enjoy 2 private homes which means you have 2 full kitchens, 2 living rooms, 2 master bedrooms and plenty of room for your whole group to spend meals together but escape to privacy when needed.


Sleeps up to XX

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